KeyText Fingerprint

The KeyText Fingerprint is a code related to your computer configuration, and will be used in the construction of your unlock code for KeyText 3.

If you haven't installed KeyText yet, we recommend you do that before purchase - so that you can give your Fingerprint. You can leave it blank if you wish; you will then receive a temporary unlock code, valid for 90 days, and can apply for a permanent code later.

Image of top of User Information window

You can find the KeyText Fingerprint by running KeyText 3, right-clicking the KT icon in the tray, choosing Settings, and selecting the "User information" tab at the top. At the top right of the resulting dialog you will see a code similar to XXX-XXX-XXX, where X is a number or letter. You can highlight the code with your mouse and press Ctrl-C to copy it.

If you get an Expired message when you run KeyText, then click "Yes" and you will see the Fingerprint on the resulting dialog.

The KeyText 3 license allows personal use of KeyText on more than one computer (as long as they are not in use at the same time). If you wish to install KeyText 3 on another computer, please include the Fingerprint for it in the "Special instructions" field (Paypal users will find this field on the Paypal payment page). Alternatively you can request this by email later if you wish.

At any time you can email us at, quoting your KeyText Fingerprint, to request your permanent registration code for KeyText 3 - or to request an unlock code for your own personal use on a second (or new) computer.