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Free upgrade to TrayDay version 7 for registered users
If you have purchased an earlier version of TrayDay you can install version 7 now, and it will recognize your old code for 120 days - then it will expire. As a registered user you are entitled to a free registration code for version 7, which you can claim by filling in the form below. Once we have verified your original purchase we will issue your new code, which will unlock version 7 permanently. The new code can be applied at any time - during the 120 days mentioned above, or after if the old code has expired.
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Your email address
TrayDay Fingerprint
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Additional information Please give as much information about your purchase as possible, as we must verify each request. Please give your name and email address if they were different from the above when you purchased, along with your date of purchase (if known) and postal address. If you have your NetBanx or Paypal reference number then that would be helpful too.

Please verify my original TrayDay purchase and email me my free registration code for TrayDay v7.

Please note: we are receiving many applications, and each must be verified manually, therefore please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Note that if we are unable to verify your purchase then we may be unable to supply a new code, and you may have to purchase a new license.
If you have upgraded but wish to go back to your old version of TrayDay, you should exit TrayDay, and locate your TrayDay folder, normally in C:\Program Files. Your old version of TrayDay is stored in a folder there called Backup, and you can copy the files out of there into the main TrayDay folder.

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